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5G: what does it mean for digital marketing?

5G has been creating a buzz, unsurprisingly, because it’s going to change the way we live and we work. As digital marketers, you have to wonder: How does this evolve the sport?

Emerging technology: unprecedented experiences

Internet of Things (IoT) manifests in the form of devices connected ubiquitously, which enables smart cities. Man is going to push the limits in AI and robotics which is going to evolve all industries, rather forcefully – well, including marketing.

..Internet of Things (IoT) manifests in the form of devices connected ubiquitously.

Businesses that don’t embrace this new wave risk being obsolete, though preparing for that volume of change is not cheap either costly, while there are questions about expectations of recouping investments in the short-term.

An interesting develops: is the utility humans would enjoy, but is it worth trading your privacy for?


5G vows to dramatically improve speed, capacity, and latency of internet connections thanks to more available bandwidth. It will be possible to transmit more data, from more devices, instantly, and this will enable the commercialization of products and services that up until this point have been in the realm of science fiction, such as driverless cars and holograms.


Away from the incertitude, 5G would present exciting opportunities to reach and engage end-users.

More bandwidth: immersive experiences

5G will enhance the experience of virtual reality in every niche of our lives. It is an avenue for brands to position their products right in people’s faces.

Users would give up more personal data with the unfolding of 5G. Shopping frequency, social media interests, interactions with AI assistants, and health data from smartwatches would present marketers with dream-come-true loads of prized information about you to target you with advertisements about your preferences.

 5G will enhance the experience of virtual reality in every niche of our lives.

It’s amazing to think that 4K videos load instantly and marketers are easily able to impress their messages on you. Social media experiences would evolve dramatically as well, in a manner that would usher in the user-generated content era. Voice search  actually becomes a thing as well.

5G will position mobile devices at the centre of everyone’s life by levelling up the experience with those of TV and computer. Many brands will have to shift their mentality and take a mobile-first approach to every comms project and, for me, gaming is one of the most fascinating aspects of this revolution.


It’s essential for digital marketers to make it a mission by not relenting in the research about in-roads to their audience’s drive, in crafting a digital strategy, as the channel and media to reach them evolves exponentially.

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