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Zoom and other useful apps if you’re working remotely in Lagos

Remote work is the future of work“. I have been on Twitter long enough to hear that phrase thrown around by tech bros and start-preneurs. The COVID-19 pandemic has adjusted the working class to working from home, as against the norm of going into the office every day.

Communication is the biggest challenge for remote teams, but technology has come to alleviate that major stumbling block making it easier for startups to incorporate remote work in their company culture.

Here are some of the productive tools to keep you ahead of the curve:

1) Slack  


A typical remote team headquarters is Slack, a team-chat app for brainstorming, asking questions, file sharing, compare notes on new releases, and much more. Slack doubles as a social network, giving teams private messaging features to let off steam or just faff around.

2) Zoom  


Meeting every morning on Zoom was the rave immediately world governments implemented lockdowns in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Today, it is commonplace for most teams working from home to meet on Zoom. Equipped with a screen-sharing feature, it has since kicked Skype off that pedestal. Screenhero seemed to save the day, until Slack decided to buy them though after the acquisition, the app wasn’t supported as well as it was before, and a few annoying bugs went unfixed for some time.

3) Groove 

Groove is an awesome customer support collaboration app for exchanging private notes (that customers can’t see) on support tickets and assigning tickets to other members of the team.

4) World Time Buddy 

With a team in every corner of the planet, scheduling calls and collaboration sessions across time zones isn’t the easiest thing. World Time Buddy makes it really easy know what time it is anywhere in the world and to enter a few time zones and find some overlapping times.

5) Todoist 

Out of a half dozen project management tools that I’ve tried, Todoist has been my favourite by far to staying on top of things though Trello is a close second, and we’ve stuck it with for several years now. Simply put, it keeps things from slipping through the cracks.

6) Monosnap

Fantastic for screen recordings.


These are some of the productivity tools I personally use to stay on top of tasks during the pandemic.


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