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Google wants site owners in Nigeria to E-A-T more

What is E-A-T in SEO?

In the wake of the September 2019 Google Core Update, several webmasters in the health, legal and financial services reported a dip in rankings and traffic. Further investigations show these sites had issues with Trust, most especially.

E-A-T stands for Expertise-Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness that Google algorithms transfer to a website as a result of consistently demonstrating these qualities in the content they publish on their website.

Google wants users to not just find relevant information, but correct, in the sense that unverified and malicious information that have huge impacts on users’ health, safety and finance. Google does not want to serve information that threatens users’ well-being.

In the pursuit of increase in sales and revenue through online positioning, implementing these best practices is the bedrock of a successful content marketing strategy.


Expertise in your industry

Displaying in-depth knowledge and delivery are very important to Google for recommending your content to searchers. The algorithms scrutinize the pages on your website to rate your degree of expertise on various subjects in your industry to other contemporary websites.

Do you have a track record of veritable opinions? Do your facts check out? Have you done adequate research on the topic before going on to publish it? How accurate are your numbers?


Authoritativeness as writer/content creator

This is measured by the number of trustworthy websites linking to your web pages. In plain language, it means the endorsements from other site owners and citing your content as reference.

Another great signal for authority is social sharing. Your information gaining popularity in the social space, means your authority is growing.

These matter to Google before they point curious searchers to your website for answers.

Trustworthiness and perception of your business

Your SEO will perform only as much as you invest in research and publishing quality content. Google have categorically stated that any webpage not E-A-T compliant would be given the low-quality rating.

This is simply a transfer of trust form users that spans over a longer period of time. Just as you would trust someone based on how long you’ve known them and vouched for their reputation.

Having positive reviews on Google My Business, FaceBook, other directory websites and the general perception about your business go a long way to gain the trust of your potential customers and search engine algorithms.

If you own an e-commerce store, having a secure domain (HTTPS) shows that users’ details won’t be compromised by 3rd parties signals trust to Google for ranking.

Sensational or exaggerated headlines and aggressive, annoying ads, not only manipulate and distract users, they also don’t earn Google’s Trust.



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