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We are a professional SEO services company in Lagos, Nigeria. We do digital and online marketing, but specialize in SEO services. We establish your business online and we position your brand on the first page of Search Engine Results, so that your website comes up top when online users are searching for keywords relating to your business, products and services, ahead of your competitors.

We know that sales is the pulse of your business. That’s why we take advantage of free traffic from Google Search to generate leads and enquiries, so that your phone never stops ringing. 

That is where your potential customers are consistently looking for you. And that’s why we place your business website at a vantage position on the first page of Search Engines to use to full advantage, the paradigm shift from traditional advertising to targeted and inbound marketing.


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Return on your investment is our mission. Our success is dependent on yours.

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We lead with value. A long-term relationship based on continuous value-add is our mantra.



Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO is the process of getting free, organic traffic from Search Engine (e.g Google) results to a website. This is achieved by optimizing the website itself (on-page SEO) for keywords people search online for, that are relevant to your products or services. 

Off-page SEO is then achieved by getting referrals (building links) from websites Google and Search Engines deem authoritative and trustworthy, to the website pages. The two strategies (both on-page and off-page) contribute to the website’s rankings in the Search Results, which then positions it to get the free traffic from searchers. 

SEO cost may vary depending on the goals of your business and the extent of the strategies to implemented to achieve those goals. It also largely depends on the degree to which competitors are already employing SEO and how your website compares to theirs, in terms of content and traffic. Typically, SEO cost is an investment that yields a sure-banker return-on-investment (ROI). Once the decision makers have this shift in mindset, it is easier to see the long-term benefits of adopting SEO. 

However, there is a huge risk to hiring cheap SEO because of a small budget. Asides from getting no results at all, a link building strategy implemented unethically can attract a severe penalty and a drop in rankings when Google rolls out new algorithm updates (improved ranking factors and fighting spam). 

Using ethical and Google-compliant strategies, it takes about 4 to 6months to see significant ranking and increase in traffic to your website. Other factors to also consider are: the health or shape the website was in previously, the strength of the competition and the budget available to achieve the results you want.

Many businesses stop midway at 3 months because they are not “seeing” results. It means that the SEO professionals they hired gave them unrealistic expectations. Ideally, an SEO budget should cater for 6 to 12months. By the 6th month, you should be able to see decent ranking and traffic, which provides the right foundation for growth into the 12 months of the SEO campaign.

SEO work is never quite done. It is organic in the sense that businesses employing SEO are in it for the long haul; they have a grand vision of being positioned as authority in their niche or industry and foster a steady stream of loyal customers. SEO is not a one-time get-sales-quick scheme. 

Changes in technology, Google algorithm updates and the fact that hundreds of thousands of websites are launched everyday. Competition is bound to penetrate your industry and likely outdo your SEO. This means that businesses have to adopt continuous SEO maintenance; publishing quality content, monitoring and tracking traffic and conversions, anticipating Google updates and how it might affect rankings, etc. 


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